Stone Wool Cormo Worsted


Yarn Weight: worsted 

Recommended Gauge: 17-20 sts = 4 in/15 cm

Fibre Content: 100% American Cormo wool

Skein: 200 yards/183 meters per 100g skein

Colorway: Alfalfa 03

Construction/Texture: woolen/worsted spun 2-ply

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My Experience

Where I got it: I ordered a skein from Twig & Horn with my Wool Soap (which I adore)

Needles I used: Hiya Hiya US 7/4.5 mm

Blocked Gauge I got: 18 sts/30 rows = 4"/10 cm

My Thoughts:  Stone Wool Cormo Worsted is dreamy. It's extremely soft with an impressive amount of bounce. It's got a light feel to it because it's sort of woolen spun and sort of worsted spun, but it's strong and is a lot harder to break with my hands than a fully woolen spun yarn like Brooklyn Tweed Shelter. It's so lovely to knit with and makes this amazingly squishy fabric! The colors are matte without any tweedy-ness or color variation, but at least the color I got is so luminous that the matte finish is perfect. Cormo is a favourite breed of mine in general because it combines the incredible softness of Merino with a delightful bouncy lightness, and this yarn expresses that so beautifully! I'm in love! 

What I might design with it: A soon as I finished my swatch I immediately cast on a Mill Hill Toque (pictured above), and I expect I'll be needing a sweater as well. It would be such a great oversized pullover or cardigan for snuggling up in!

Where you can get some: the Twig & Horn website (which is packed full of beautifully-curated knitting accessories and a few very special yarns.)


Patterns recommended for this yarn

Tolt Hat
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