I'm stuck on a pattern. do you offer help?

I'm happy to offer free pattern support, so please get in touch if you have a question about one of my designs! I answer emails Monday through Friday and you can expect to get a response within 3-5 business days, though I'm often able to answer more quickly than that. Email now.

Are those USD or CAD?

All prices listed on this site are in USD.

Are your patterns high quality?

All of my independently-published patterns are professionally tech and copy edited. That means that I have an editor who checks out numbers and knit-ability and a separate person who makes sure there aren't any typos or layout problems so you can count on a great knitting experience. I'm also really proud of my easy-to-follow layout. Want a free sample before you buy? Get the Mill Hill Toque as a gift when you subscribe to my email newsletter.


what's the story of your logo?

My logo depicts an agave and it was designed by my husband, Sean. The agave is beautiful, resilient, and useful. Its elegant leaves appear delicate, but are also tough and functional for storing water in a challenging environment. Its thorns are graceful, but also protect against predators (and were traditionally used as an all-in-one needle-and-thread!) I took this as my personal symbol and business logo years ago while I was living in southern Arizona (where agave plants are plentiful!) because I value beauty and functionality, femininity and personal toughness. I also love having a wild, natural symbol since I'm all about being outside whenever possible. 


Can I store my Andrea Rangel PDF Downloads on Ravelry?

Patterns purchased on andrearangel.com will not be stored in your Ravelry library. If that's important to you, please shop directly from Ravelry. Link to Andrea Rangel Designer Page on Ravelry


How can i subscribe to your email newsletter?

Just click here and fill in the the form. By subscribing you'll be the first to hear about new patterns, sales, and events! Plus, every week I share insider knitting world news with lots of beautiful yarn-y pictures. And bonus, you'll get a free pattern, Mill Hill Toque, as a thank-you gift! Your privacy is important! I'll never sell your info or subscribe you to the newsletter without your consent. Read our Privacy Policy here.


Do any of your patterns have errata?

I do my best to prevent errors, but sometimes they do slip in. Click here to find a list of known errata. If you think you've found a mistake in one of my patterns, please get in touch! I very much appreciate corrections.

can i buy your patterns in print or at my lys?

All patterns sold on this website are PDF downloads, but many of them are carried by local yarn stores. Click here for a list of stockists. I also participate in the Ravelry In-Store Pattern Sales program, so if your LYS participates too, you can buy all of my indie designs right from your yarn shop.

Yarn shops that wish to carry print patterns can contact one of my distributors: Stitch Sprouts in North America and Ysolda in Europe.

My books, Rugged Knits and Alterknit Stitch Dictionary are available from Interweave.

Can you come teach at my event?

I teach a variety of workshops, so please send me an email if you'd like me to come teach at your event or yarn shop! Click here to learn about upcoming events I'll be at. 

Where's the Fine Print for your website? 

Find our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy here.