Daughter of a Shepherd Ram Jam Sport


Yarn Weight: sport 

Recommended Gauge: 24 sts = 4 in/10 cm

Fibre Content: 100% wool from mixed breeds, sourced, scoured, & spun in Yorkshire

Skein: 126 yards/115 meters per 50g skein

Colourway: 0 natural cream

Construction/Texture: woolen spun plied

Ravelry Listing (Listing is for the worsted base as the sport isn’t listed.)



My Experience

Where I got it: Daughter of a Shepherd sent me the full range of colours in this base, along with a couple other skeins for this review.

Needles I used: Hiya Hiya US 5/3.75 mm

Blocked Gauge I got: 21 sts/34 rows = 4"/10 cm

My Thoughts: The character of this yarn fits right in with traditional Shetland yarns. It’s got that same ultra-lofty, open feel with a wonderful crunch. It’s not soft for next-to-the skin accessories, but what incredible sweaters this could make, especially colourwork in the wonderful un-dyed range of colours! It’s got a tiny bit of lustre to it, which is different than other yarns like this, plus there are wonderful bits of darker coloured fibres splashed in there, which makes for a really rich, deep colour. I think it’s really impressive that the yarn is grown and manufactured entirely in Yorkshire.

Oh, and one other note - like happens with a lot of un-dyed, dyed in the wool, or farm-y yarns, I had a little reaction from this one after I first sniffed it. (Yes, I greet new yarns by sticking my face in them and I think I may have a little sensitivity to spinning oil or something.) So I washed the skeins before knitting with them and didn’t have any more trouble! If you ever find yourself feeling a little funny knitting with a yarn, try washing it and see if it helps.

What I might design with it: Rustic outdoor sweaters in un-dyed colourwork, please!

Where you can get some: Shop for Daughter of a Shepherd yarns on their website.



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