mYak Baby Yak Medium


Yarn Weight: worsted 

Recommended Gauge: 18-20 sts = 4"/10 cm

Fibre Content: 100% baby yak

Skein: 125 yards/114 meters per 50g skein

Colorway: Tibetan Sky

Construction/Texture: plied worsted spun

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My Experience

Where I got it: mYak gave me a couple skeins to play with at Vogue Knitting Live New York, 2017.

Needles I used: Hiya Hiya US 7/4.5 mm

Blocked Gauge I got: 18 sts/28 rows = 4"/10 cm

My Thoughts: This stuff is pretty dreamy - it's very light and soft (baby yak is an extremely fine fibre!), but also has a substance to it that makes me want to knit a wardrobe full of garments out of it. The fabric has a lovely fluidity that I don't often associate with yarns that are this light. It's also got a bit of a shine, and a heathered look that comes from how the fibres are dyed - instead of bleaching, mYak dyes over the natural colours so you end up with rich, deep hues.

MYak are especially proud of their ethical business practices - check out their website to learn how they work with herders and manufacture the yarn

What I might design with it: The first thing I want is a very basic pullover, a complete wardrobe staple. I'll be getting to that very soon. Then I'll have to have some accessories too because this stuff is priced according to its value and it's a luxury fibre. I want to try making something out of a skein or two so more folks can be encouraged to try it! Thinking colorwork...

Where you can get some: Here's a list of stockists from their Ravelry listing. Looks like you can get it at one of the great PNW local yarn shops - Churchmouse.



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