Crochet Provisional Cast-On

Most of my patterns call for making a crochet chain and then picking up stitches into the bumps on the back of the chain when a provisional cast on is needed. However, I recently learned how to combine those two steps by crocheting the chain right onto a knitting needle! This is a huge time-saver for me and I'm using it exclusively for my provisional cast on method now, so I wanted to share it with you.


With smooth waste yarn, place a slip knot on crochet hook.


Hold the yarn and knitting needle in left hand with the yarn behind the needle. Hold crochet hook over top of needle.


1. Wrap yarn over crochet hook from back to front and draw yarn through loop on crochet hook.

One provisional stitch is now on the needle. 

If you were crocheting a chain, that stitch would be your first chain, and the loop on the hook would not be counted since in crochet, we never count the loop on the hook.


2. Bring yarn between needle and hook and behind needle.

Repeat steps 1-2 until desired number of stitches are on needle.


The stitches on the needle are the back of what would be crochet chain, and the V's on the right side of the needle are the front of the crochet chain.

Chain several stitches. This tail will show you where to begin unraveling the chain when it's time to remove the provisional cast on.



Break yarn, leaving a 6 in/15 cm tail and draw it through the last loop.

To begin working, pick up working yarn and knit into provisional stitches. 

For help on how to remove the provisional cast on and knit in the hem, see:

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