Fall in the country

Just at the beginning of autumn, I took a ride on my bike just for taking pictures.  I've posted lots of pictures of the village, but away from the water, it's all farmland around here.  So, here are a few photos of the country in autumn.  

Whenever I'm out by these farms, I'm on my bike, usually running errands like getting groceries.  As much as I love rainy, dreary weather because it's perfect for knitting indoors, I'm going to miss the clear skies when I'm on my bike.  

Since I talk so much about my bike, I figured I'd show it off.  It's a 2012 Cannondale Quick CX 3.  All that neon orange is actually duct tape that I put on for visibility, because I love orange, and because when I bought it, it looked so darn fancy I was afraid it would attract thieves.  Now it's just right for me.  It has shocks that can be locked out, which is what  I usually do since I'm rarely riding on trails, usually just on country roads.  I'm a brand new rider - I bought this bike just before we moved, about two months ago, and before that I hadn't ridden since I was a kid.  Hills are still a challenge, but I'm getting stronger and enjoying it.  I like the feeling of riding my bike, especially if I'm doing something that I could use a car for - it makes me feel powerful and independent.  

And, it's making me think a lot about what kinds of hand knits people might need for cycling.  That, of course, makes me want to design a collection of active wear garments and accessories.  If you cycle, run, hike, ski/snowboard, etc, what have you wished you could knit for your active life?  What do you look for in garments that you use for these activities, whether they're commercially-made or hand-knit?  Have you had any serious flops in garments or accessories that you tried to take on the trail?  What went wrong?  I'd love some feedback from experienced folks, especially since I'm relatively new at this.  Please comment below if you have thoughts on this subject.  

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