A Book (is coming)

For about a year I've been working on patterns for this book, and now it is getting very close to the finish line.  As usual, I took on the project in part because it was a challenge - make a book full of patterns that men will want to knit for themselves.  Or, if they're so unfortunate that they haven't yet learned how to knit, they'll beg their knitter friends to knit these designs for them.  That was my goal, and when I finally publish the book this coming January, I'll find out if I succeeded.   Perhaps naming all mankind as my target audience is a little bit ambitious, but I like to be bold.

Just to give a little taste, here are a couple of pictures from the photo shoot we did a few weeks ago in Seattle.  I spent a day scouting for locations downtown so we could find the perfect spot, and it reminded my why I love Seattle.  The city is stunning, especially in the fall.  

This was the first shoot that I've directed myself and I have to give a huge thank you to my excellent models, and my incredible photographer, Kathy Cadigan.

serious conferring on background and pose
© Jon Keto

This is me directing the photo shoot.  And again, I talk with my hands.
Photo © Kathy Cadigan

And here's the mysterious and beautiful folded view of two of the designs:

Yarn support for this collection was provided in part by delicious Brooklyn Tweed.
That's Shelter there.
Photo © Kathy Cadigan

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What men's knits are you working on?  And fellas, what kind of patterns do you wish there were more of?

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