Who's up for a Pants Knit Along?

Last week I went to Seattle to attend Madrona Fiber Arts, an event I go to every year and love every time.  This is the first year since I started attending that I didn't actually live in Seattle, so it involved a little travel.

A year ago if you'd told me I'd ride my bike from Canada to Seattle, I would have called you a liar, but that's exactly what I ended up doing.  My main reason is that public transit from our beautiful seaside village is not exactly convenient.  You may have heard me complaining about hiking three miles up hill both ways in the snow in the dark with a fifty pound pack just to get to the bus stop last time I went to Seattle.  That may have included a few exaggerations, but it really wasn't any fun.  The bike was actually a lot more enjoyable.  For one thing, there are ferries that took me most of the way, so that my total riding time was around 3 and a half hours each way with lots of breaks in between.  The only times I really noticed the weight of my luggage was on hills, and the ride was made easier by lovely bike trails so I didn't have to ride in traffic much.  (The Interurban Rail Trail and the Galloping Goose Trail on Vancouver Island, and the Myrtle Edwards Park Trail in Seattle)

Because of the weight issue, I decided against bringing my camera, so I don't have any Madrona pictures for you, but the highlights were 
- meeting Clara Parkes at the banquet and getting to hear her speak
- Franklin Habit's fascinating class on the history of lace, 
- meeting Ravelry friends in person for the first time, and 
- the Churchmouse booth!  Of course because it was packed with Brooklyn Tweed yarns and samples, but also because Jared Flood and Leila Raabe were there to chat with.  I even tried on a sweater that I really wanted to take home with me. (Ives by Jared Flood)
- spending time with Seattle friends and family (and more bike riding!)

I also got to see Wendee of Hazel Knits and she gave me this:

I really wasn't able to capture this color completely, but it's Hazel Knits DK Lively in Portabello.  And the fact that I have these four skeins means that I'm finally going to knit a pair of Kalaloch's just for me!  And I'd love for you to join me.  

I'm going to be hosting a Pants Knit Along here on the blog and in my Ravelry group.  If you've been wanting to knit something that goes over your bum, but are looking for advice or just company, now's the time to get going with it.  I'm going to kick off the knit along next week with a tutorial on the provisional cast on since that's the first thing that needs to be done in order to make Kalaloch.  

To participate in the knit along, just post your progress and finished projects to the Ravelry thread.  Everybody who posts proof of finished knitted pants by April 30, 2013 will get a free Andrea Rangel Knits pattern!  (So you can knit more pants, of course!)

The patterns that count in order to get the prize are:

Zoe Beach Shorts

Issa's Bloomers

If you want to knit other pants patterns, I'd still love for you to join us, but no prize.  

So how about it?  What pants are you going to knit?  

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