My Knitted Pants are Knitted!

My pants are knitted and ready for me to wear!

Yesterday I went on a bike ride to test them out and get a few pics, and I completely love them.  The color is probably darker than I would have used if I was making a sample (lighter colors photograph better), but for me to just wear, it's perfect.  They've got just enough nuance to look really interesting and set off the bright colors that I like to wear for the rest of my wardrobe.

Maybe I'll make my next pair in a bolder color like Lichen or Jam Session.

I did modify my own pattern a tiny bit for these.  I wanted a slightly lower rise fit, so I worked the increases in the hip section every six rounds instead of every 8.  That worked perfectly so that the waistband sits just above my hips.  

Some info that I stated in an earlier post, but might be nice to have here with the finished object as well:  I made the XS size.  My low waist circumference is about 26 in/66 cm, giving me about 3.5 in/9 cm of negative ease.  (The recommended is 3-5 in/7.5-13 cm.)  Because my elastic is really stretchy, I cut it to 24 in/61 cm, which is 2 in/5 cm less than my low waist measurement instead of the suggested 1 in/2.5 cm.  In order to decide to do this, I just held the elastic around my waist and tried pulling it over my hips at a few different lengths.  

These felt really great on my bike.  I forgot I was wearing them for a while because it just felt like any of my other jersey knit wool leggings.  

Project Roundup:
Pattern: Kalaloch
Size Knit: XS
Yarn: Hazel Knits DK Lively in Portobello; just under 3 skeins used
Needles: US#4/3.5 mm Addi Lace Clicks
Mods: Increase every sixth round instead of every eight at hips for  a lower rise fit

Our Knit Along is still going strong, so feel free to join us and knit your own pants!

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