Tree Rings

I get pretty attached to all of my designs by the time publication rolls around, but I have to say, I feel especially proud of this one.  Partly that's because I worked hard to make it just right (and frogged oh-so-many times), but also because of the publication venue.  It's so exciting for me to be included in Brooklyn Tweed's Wool People Series.

Photo © Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood 2013
Tree Rings starts with Elizabeth Zimmermann's pi shawl concept, but takes in a slightly different direction than usual.  While most pi shawls employ lace patterns, I wanted something that would be rich in surface texture and show directional movement.  The edging has some lace included (my nod to tradition), but it's mostly intended to mirror the angular shapes in the rest of the piece.  A softer, somewhat floral motif is included in the center to add a gentler mood.

Photo © Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood 2013

I don't usually focus very much on pattern names, but I love what the Brooklyn Tweed team decided to call the pattern.  Tree Rings evokes just the right feeling of nature combined with geometry.  Thanks to whoever thought of such a perfect name!

Photo © Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood 2013
You can find Tree Rings and a dozen other incredible patterns from Wool People 6 over on the Brooklyn Tweed website:

I'm especially fond of Skydottir and Greenwood.

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