ARBRE - Brooklyn Tweed Wool People 9

Photo © Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed, 2015

Brooklyn Tweed is one of my favorite yarn companies and all of their collections are worth waiting for. I’m particularly excited about the latest one, Wool People 9, which includes a new pi shawl, Arbre. 

The pi shawl form is fascinating to me because the a formula can be used in an infinite variety of ways. You may remember my last pi shawl, also for Brooklyn Tweed (from Wool People 6) called Tree Rings. In that design I played around with texture and emphasized the round shape of the shawl using concentric rings of welting paired with directional sideways chevrons.

Photos © Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed, 2015

This time I wanted to explore the traditional lace pi shawl, so I chose just a few simple lace patterns to repeat for dramatic impact. The every-row lace pattern edging is just a 6-row pattern, so the scalloping of the edge is particularly lacy, adding to the overall heirloom feel of the shawl.

Photos © Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed, 2015

Wool People 9 is an inspiring collection all around, and I'm particularly excited by GyreElement, and Grille. The Brooklyn Tweed blog is featuring short interviews with Wool People 9 designers, so you can read more about this design and lots more! The look book is also definitely worth browsing. Enjoy!

See Arbre:


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