Knit City 2017!

I always have two sets of feelings about heading to events for teaching - the main one is excitement, but I get anxious too because I want to be sure I'm one hundred percent prepared to teach my best workshops yet, and that everything is going to be perfect. 

Of course things are never perfect. But as fall sets in and I start showing up where the knitters are, my anxiety melts. The sense of joy and curiosity that greets me wherever knitters congregate in large numbers is contagious. Stress and nervousness tend to dissipate as soon as I see a crowd of strangers all wearing hand knits. The enthusiasm with which those strangers will want to talk to me about their sweaters and shawls brings me straight into the moment.

Big thanks to those of you who asked me about what sweater I was wearing or excitedly told me about yours, and to all of you who became students for the weekend and brought your joy and openness to my classrooms. 

Super neat and beautiful swatches from a Finishing student -  @kathyyantutu

Super neat and beautiful swatches from a Finishing student - @kathyyantutu

And thank you if you came to my AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary book signing! There was a proper long line that filled me with joy, and my gracious hosts, Wet Coast Wools, actually sold out of the book! 

Your next chance to get your own signed copy will be at Vogue Knitting Live Seattle. I'll be signing in the Hazel Knits booth on Friday, November 3, 2017 at 1pm.


I didn't get nearly as much time in the marketplace as I would have liked, but just a couple of stand-out yarns were Julie Asselin Nurtured and Abundant Earth Aviary. I hope to share lots more with you about these yarns soon!


And I published a new pattern over the weekend! Tribune Bay was my contribution to the Hinterland Straits 2017 collection which debuted at Knit City. Working with Hinterland Yarns is always such a delight, and this one is a wardrobe staple piece - cozy, relaxed, and with some very fun texture. You can buy it now here on my website and on Ravelry.

Getting to spend time with other teachers and designers is a huge part of why I love events like Knit City. I'll leave you with this super fun video that Amanda from Knit City captured of me and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee knitting during Stephen West's Friday night lecture. I'm the one in the foreground, and Stephanie is knitting with green. Love Stephen's legs in the background! That's Sivia Harding next to Stephanie, and yes, those are Romi's boots!

I hope I get to see you this fall and winter! Happy sweater weather!