AlterKnit in Action! Project Roundup 4

Project Roundup 4 is here! I've been having such fun following the #alterknitstitchdictionary tag on Instagram - you all are incredibly creative! This is exactly what I hoped for the book, so thank you!

Before I get to that, I want to be sure you saw a couple things related to AlterKnit:

Now let's get down to it! Here are just a few of the amazing projects I've seen lately:


Starting at the top left, Paws Hat with pom pom from dieprinzessinaufderwolle, Stoweflake Cowl (a pattern you can buy!) from beautifulmessyarnworks, Fingerless Mitts from perilainchbury, Cottonwood Sweater in progress from kroopa_, adorable dog sweater(!!) featuring History motif from ai_k210, sweater in progress featuring modified Overlay motif from emmawelford, Scrappy hat featuring the Mesmerized motif from melissaandcats, Tides Ornament from hope__made (she made a bunch more ornaments too, so go look at her feed!), and Bikey Beanie from stella_sewandknit.

All photos were used with permission. Thank you so much to the knitters who were willing to let me share their projects!

Want to see more projects? Check out the #alterknitstitchdictionary and #alterknit tags on Instagram! You can also share your projects, discuss the book, and ask questions in my AlterKnit Ravelry thread.

If you don't have AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary yet, you can buy it through the link below!


P.S. If you've already got your copy, I would so appreciate a review on Amazon even if you didn't buy it there. Reviews really help books get seen. Thank you!