Shetland: the Place

I have so much stirring in my head about my recent trip to Shetland and it's hard to know where to begin. I want to tell you all about the wool and knitwear and amazing people, but I'm going to start with the place itself. Happily, I was in a group that wanted to be outside as much as I do, so on top of textile-related pursuits, we also went for lots of walks and hikes. Here's what I saw.


The landscape of Shetland is breathtaking with rolling hills of peat dotted with sheep, dramatic cliffs, and crashing waves. The place felt like I was inside of Wuthering Heights, particularly on very windy days walking in the heather.

I have a lot to say about the sweater above (and the other two sweaters and the mitts I bought too!), but I'll save that for its own post.

If you get a chance to travel to Shetland (which I highly recommend you do!) be sure to bring your good hiking boots and be prepared for all weather. Most days were windy and cool and rain would burst out of nowhere and disappear just as fast. I was always glad to have a rain jacket and a very snug hat tucked into my backpack on our hikes. (My lighter-weight hat, knit in Brooklyn Tweed Loft was too light and kept blowing off my head, so I had to knit a snug ribbed watch cap that could be turned up to keep it solidly on my head in the wind.) Be prepared to clamber over fence stiles (handy stairs placed along fences to allow hikers access without letting the sheep loose), across rocky beaches, over hills, and along cliff faces. In other words, be prepared for a grand Shetland adventure.