3 Gorgeous Ways to Wear a Half Pi Shawl

I love wearing shawls and the half pi shape, shown here in this lace weight Seaspray shawl, is particularly pretty and feminine. Here are my three favourite ways to style them:


1. Cozy Scarf Style

Even a super sheer lace shawl can be cozy and warm when wrapped snug around a time or two with just a short end sticking out. I wear it this way when I'm on my bike and need to keep the wind off my neck. Be sure the layers are piled up high for maximum snuggle.

I'm wearing it here with my Halyard Cardigan.


2. Shoulder Wrap

Draping it around my shoulders and tucking one end under really shows off that wavy picot edge. It's a little dressier than scarf style, but can still be casual while also impressing the heck out of all your knitting friends. 

P.S. I love to layer all the things and I sewed all three of the tops in this picture. Not the jeans, but that's a 2018 goal!



3. Draping Just So

Yes, I'm wearing it with jeans here, but this is how I would style Seaspray if I was going for fancy. If you've got a special occasion and are wearing that perfect dress, just drape this lace over your shoulders for extra wow (and functional warmth!) This would be awfully pretty in soft white for a springtime bride.


Are you now dying to get this pattern? Buy below or on Ravelry if that's where you like to keep your patterns. 

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