New Pattern! Platinum or Gold?

Platinum or Gold? My latest shawl pattern is versatile, so whatever your style, you'll be able to make just the right shawl for you.

The Story

Last year I picked up a skein of Madelinetosh Tosh DK in the now sadly discontinued colour, Maple Leaf. It's a vivid acid green that I couldn't walk away from & I made it into a sweet and simple shawlette with bits of lace and ridges of texture. I loved this little kerchief, but it wasn't quite right yet. The border was too narrow, so the edges flipped up, and I knew I didn't want to publish a pattern in a discontinued colour, especially such a dramatic one. So I put it in timeout until I could figure out what to do with it.

Months later I got my hands on the most beautiful skein of platinum-coloured Cormo Fingering from Sincere Sheep. I'd been on a Cormo kick and was trying as many as I could because Cormo is one of my favourite breeds. (Check out more Cormo yarns here.) The colour, Cumulus, is neutral and gentle, pretty much the opposite of my acid green skein, but it reminded me of that unfinished design, so I did some math and knit it up into a sample. It turned out to be a great goes-with-everything everyday kerchief.

I've been really into kerchiefs lately - I love to tie the ends at the back of my neck with the point in front for a bit of cozy volume and accessorizing. But I also adore more dramatic pieces and I know lots of folks want a more generous size, so I knit one up in an aran weight yarn too! Spincycle Yarns Independence in the spectacular gold colour, Greed, is much more reminiscent of my first prototype - a bold statement piece.

Both versions are knit up in exactly the same way - the difference is in the yarn and gauge. Make yours however you like, in platinum, gold, fingering, or aran. 


The Details

Platinum or Gold? is a classic triangle shawl with texture created by garter ridges and a simple lace pattern. It's one of those that you can knit while chatting with friends over wine or settling in for a night of Netflix. In a neutral colour, it can add just a bit of adornment and warmth to any outfit. Or, make it in an eye-catching bright hue to spice up an otherwise cool look.



The fingering weight shawlette has a 43 in/109 cm wingspan. It works great with the point in the front and the ends tied at the back of your neck.

The aran weight wrap is much more generous with a 66 in/168 cm wingspan. Wear it wrapped around kerchief-style with a whole lot of volume, around the shoulders, or use a shawl pin to secure it in the front.


Yarn Choice

This pattern is so versatile and lots of yarns will work. If you're going for ultimate cozy, I love a saturated singles like Spincycle Yarns Independence. For delicate texture, a plied Cormo like Sincere Sheep Cormo Fingering works perfectly. If you'd like more drape, try a yarn with a bit of alpaca or silk in it like Shibui Staccato. I also knit up a sample in a variegated yarn, Spincycle Yarns Dyed in the Wool. And I think it would be magnificent in a self-striping yarn like Gauge Dye Works Weekend colour way.



The pattern takes about 550 yards/503 meters of fingering weight yarn or 800 yards/732 meters aran weight yarn. The suggested needle sizes are US 4/3.5 mm for the fingering one and US 7/4.5 mm for the aran weight version, though of course all that matters is that you match the gauge: 22 sts/36 rows = 4 in/10 cm in Stockinette stitch for the fingering version and 16 sts/28 rows = 4 in/10 cm in Stockinette for the aran weight version.

You'll also need stitch markers, a tapestry needle, and blocking wires, pins, and a pinnacle surface.

So what'll it be for you? Platinum or Gold?

Platinum or Gold?
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P.S. Fun fact: I met my gorgeous model, Wongela Dessalegn on a flight from Toronto to Victoria. I was lucky to have her as a seat mate and double lucky that she was willing to model for me!

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