Neighborhood Fiber Company Studio Sock


Yarn Weight: fingering 

Recommended Gauge: 26-28 sts = 4 in/10 cm

Fibre Content: 100% Superwash Merino wool

Skein: 400 yards/366 meters per 114g skein

Colourway: Cross Street Market

Construction/Texture: worsted spun, 4 sets of 2 plies 

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My Experience

Where I got it: I bought it at a discount from Neighborhood Fiber Company at Vogue Knitting Live San Francisco

Needles I used: Hiya Hiya US 4/3.5 mm

Blocked Gauge I got: 27 sts/35 rows = 4"/10 cm

My Thoughts: Yes, I did buy many different pink sock yarns at one event. This soft, warm pink is super pretty, and I love the semi-solid tones. I also love the construction of this yarn. 4 sets of 2 plies means it’s got extra durability and stitch definition. (If you want more proof that lots of plies makes a durable strand, check out this incredible video and article about spider silk! Warning, it contains spiders.) It’s also got a nice tight twist, so I really think this is an ideal one for socks. And of course since it’s Merino, it’s soft. I knit my swatch at a fairly loose gauge that I’d use for sweaters or accessories, rather than for socks just to see what it would do and it does drape really nicely at that gauge. For socks, I knit it on US 0’s and got a really great dense fabric.

One other thing to say about Neighborhood Fiber Co. - they’re really active in doing good things in the world. I’ve been really impressed by Karida Collins, the owner, and am really on board with supporting her company. Check out their website and follow on Instagram to see what they’re up to.

What I might design with it: I worked this skein into a pair of socks with my Woolen Boon skein, but it didn’t quite work out as a new pattern, though I love wearing them in my own wardrobe. Since I striped them, I still have some left and plan to try again. I think this would be a really great yarn for my Okanogan Socks.

Where you can get some: The Neighborhood Fiber Company website or check your local yarn shop.



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