Sewn Bind-Off

This bind-off was developed by Elizabeth Zimmermann as a very stretchy alternative to the traditional bind-off. Its appearance is very similar to a standard long-tail cast-on edge, so it’s useful if you want your edges to match. It’s also great for anything that needs to be able to stretch a lot, like snug sweater neck edges.

Be aware that this bind-off can’t be ripped out easily like a traditional bind-off, but needs to be picked out stitch by stitch, so un-doing it is much more labor intensive. 

1. Cut yarn leaving a tail about three times as long as the piece to be bound off and thread tail onto a tapestry needle. 

2. Insert tapestry needle purl wise into rst two stitches. 

3. Draw yarn through. 

4. Insert tapestry needle knit wise into rst stitch only. 

5. Draw yarn through and drop st stitch off the knitting needle. 

Repeat Steps 1-5 until 1 stitch is left on knitting needle. 

Insert tapestry needle as if to purl, draw through, and drop stitch off the knitting needle. 

The finished edge looks a lot like a long-tail cast-on edge. 


Be careful about your tension as you work this bind-off. It should be exible without any sloppy loops.