AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary in Action! Project Roundup 2

Project Roundup 2! Here are some more fantastic uses of the motifs from AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary. You all are incredibly creative and adventurous! 

I'm going to be posting lots more of these project photos, so if you've made something with AlterKnit, be sure to tag me, send me a message, or tag your photo #alterknitstitchdictionary and I may include your photo in one of these round-ups! Check out just a few of the amazing projects knitters have created so far:


Starting at the top left, Prancing Ponies Hat in progress from alpajews, Poopin' Pigs Hat (modified Bikey Beanie) from The Twisted Purl Yarn Studio, Fault Lines Cowl from Spout Knits, Mediterranean cowl from knitting_else_matters, Leaves Yoke Pullover from ishi_iku, Aliens Socks from erziraphaela, Mediterranean Hat from dogsanddahlias, variety of combined motifs from lozachlegendre, and a mitten with a lovely selection of motifs from AlterKnit and other sources from crowytutu.

All photos were used with permission. Thank you so much to the knitters who were willing to let me share their projects!

Quick note on Fault Lines Cowl in the top right corner - that's a soon-to-be published cowl pattern, so be sure to follow Spout Knits to get the news when it becomes available!

If you don't have AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary yet, you can buy it through the link below or add it to your holiday wish list!