AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary in Action! Project Roundup 3

Project Roundup 3! Today I've got another bunch of great AlterKnit projects to share with you. 

UPDATE 12-14-17
Giveaways are complete, but you can still read the reviews and blog posts listed below.


Starting at the top left, Escher Fish swatch from karenjkaye, Spiders double knit swatch and cowl from margaretisabellamcc, Helix Cowl from Saski on Ravelry, Jaunt Tote Bag (using the Ascend motif) from Spout Knits (this pattern is available for purchase!), Flame Mittens (a clever modification of the Deep Ocean Mittens using the Flames & Heat motifs) from KYFarmgirl on Ravlery (knit by her 14-yr old daughter, wow!), Bikey Beanie Hats featuring the Elephant and Monkey motifs (I couldn't fit it in the collage, but there's also a Poopin' Pigs hat, so click on the link to see it!) from nosmallfeet on Ravelry, Large Colorwork Pumpkin (a pattern you can buy!) from Knit Equals Joy Designs on Ravelry, Bees Hat from skyebekah, and History swatch from curious_tinker.

All photos were used with permission. Thank you so much to the knitters who were willing to let me share their projects!

And just to be sure you noticed, the Jaunt Tote Bag by Spout Knits and the Large Colorwork Pumpkin by Knit Equals Joy are both patterns you can buy, so check them out!

If you don't have AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary yet, you can buy it through the link below or add it to your holiday wish list!