Shetland Reflection

If you've been following me on Instagram, you know that I got the chance to travel to Shetland with an incredible group of women. I have so much to share about my trip and the things I've learned, but today I just want to post a few photos to capture the feel of the journey.


Top Left: Sheep at Uradale Organic Farm

Middle Left: Oliver telling us all about wool at Jamieson & Smith

Top Right: Sea pinks, which were ubiquitous while we were there, especially along the tops of picturesque cliffs

Middle Top Right: Stones on the beach by Burrastow House where we stayed

Bottom Top Right: An after-dinner hike in the hills around Burrastow House

Middle Left: Colors of Shetland from a cliff

Middle Right: Archived Shetland Lace at the Shetland museum

Bottom: The group wearing the results of our shopping trips! Top row, starting at the left, that's Ysolda Teague, Amy Christoffers, Lori Versaci, Gudrun Johnston (one of the organizers of the Grand Shetland Adventure), Bristol Ivy, Jill Draper, and Jess Forbes. Bottom Row, me, Laura Nelkin, Thea Coleman, Malia Joseph, Mary Jane Mucklestone (our other amazing trip organizer), and Jaime Jennings.

I've got lots more specifics, so stay tuned!