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I wrote Issa's Bloomers for a little collection with Malabrigo years ago. The collection was published in October, so the theme was supposed to be a bit spooky. I went with Victorian-inspired lounge wear and couldn't resist designing a pair of luxurious bloomers with silk ribbons and lace trimmings. It's a quick project and makes for great summer knitting.

And, as part of my new website and new look, I've updated the pattern layout! I think it's better than ever and I hope you love it too. If you bought this pattern on Ravelry, you should have received an update this morning. If you didn't, please let me know and I'll be sure you get the new version!

The new version also corrects one small error - the initial marker indicates the left hip, not the right.

You can get the pattern on this site (get all the pattern specs and info here) or on Ravelry if you want to store it in your Ravelry library.

P.S. I'm headed to Shetland tomorrow (though I won't arrive till Saturday - it's a long way away!), so I may be a little slower than usual to respond. But I'll be posting my trip on Instagram, so you can follow along if you want to see what I'm up to.

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