Dissent Technique Help: Short Row Shaping


It’s been so fun seeing Dissent projects pop up over the past few months. There are over a hundred projects listed on Ravelry! Lots of folks have used the pullover hack and I’m seeing some really beautiful colour work. This is my next post in a series about how to make your own Dissent. Check out other posts too:

Short Row Shaping

I chose wrap-and-turn short row shaping for this sweater because I think it’s really straight-forward and effective. Just as a quick refresher, the point of short row shaping is to add fabric across part of the row/round, but not all of it. In this case, we add fabric at the back of the neck so that it’s raised up a bit higher than the front neckline, giving a better fit.

To work short rows, you’ll work only part of one round. (The exact number of stitches for your size is given in the pattern.) Then you’ll perform a quick little technique, the wrap-and-turn, after which the wrong side of your fabric will be facing you, and you’ll work part of the round back and do the wrap-and-turn again. This adds two additional rows of fabric to the back neck that you don’t have in the front neck.

Next, you’ll work to the stitch you wrapped and knit it together with its wrap. I’ll show you what that looks like in the video below. Working the wrap together with its stitch make the transition much less visible. Then you’ll work a couple more stitches, wrap-and-turn again, and work back the other direction, purling the wrapped stitch together with its wrap and working a couple more stitches before wrapping-and-turning again. You’ll repeat the last two rows a few times to get that extra depth at the back neckline, and eventually get back to working the entire round and proceeding with your sweater.

I have a method I use for purling the wrap together with its stitch on the purl side that you may not have seen before. I did a lot of experimenting to get one I was happy with and I think you’ll love it! Have a look at the video below to see how I do it.



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