First Time Colorwork Projects

It’s obvious how much I like colourwork, but getting started can be intimidating. Here are four projects I recommend for your first try. They all have short floats, so you won’t have to worry about catching anything as you go, and none of them require steeking. They’re also all a bit on the quicker side so you can get some instant(-ish) gratification.

Clockwise starting top left: Tolt Hat, Saxe Point Socks, Tolt River Cowl, Flames Cowl

Clockwise starting top left: Tolt Hat, Saxe Point Socks, Tolt River Cowl, Flames Cowl


Top Left: The Tolt Hat is a well-loved project. Just a bit of that simple triangle motif and then the no-colourwork crown shaping. It’s a great unisex project that can be a perfect gift. Plus you can use up those single skeins of worsted weight wool you’ve got in your stash.

Top Right: A current favourite, Saxe Point Socks just have a sweet little band of colourwork flowers at the top. If you manage to snag a skein of the much-desired Gauge Dye Works self-striping yarn, the stripes will make themselves! The pattern includes directions for how to work in standard non-self-striping yarns too. (If you really want that yarn, I suggest getting on the Gauge email list as they do announce when they have pre-orders and shop updates.)

Bottom Right: No shaping necessary! The Tolt River Cowl can be knit in DK or worsted weight yarn. I’ve got a whole blog series for beginner colourwork knitters that uses this pattern as a launch pad.

Bottom Left: For the slightly more ambitious, the Flames Cowl is worked in fingering weight yarn and is perfect for your very special, very soft skeins of hand dyed sock yarn. It’s especially great for yarns with some variegation or speckles. Use a solid colour for the background and don’t be scared of the Kitchener stitch! It’s worth it!